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Web Development Group

I was fortunate to be the design intern at The Web Development Group in Arlington, VA from Febrary 2017 to April 2018. I was tasked with creating a video reel for WDG’s marketing team as well as designed other responsive interfaces for various properties.


2017 WDG Reel

I was tasked with showcasing and arranging WDG's agency work in a video format. Using a combination of Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects, I made a video that was an invaluable tool for the Marketing Department to show in meetings and at pitches. Watch it below or click here to see the final video.

Deliverable: Video Reel

Client: WDG

Role: Editor, Animator


Interface Design

Throughout my time at WDG, I have been able to design interfaces for various clients. Below are web pages I have designed while using primarily Sketch as my tool of choice.

Deliverable: Web Interfaces

Client: Various

Role: UI Designer


ASCO Annual Meeting Homepage Concept



Number and Map Data Visualization



Unbanked Challenge/Initiative One Pager



Veteran Hiring Business Concept

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GiveBack DC Landing Page #MadelynStrong


Giveback DC this year is all about 4-year-old Madelyn. Join WDG in supporting Madelyn in her fight against cancer. Please read more about her story on her GoFundMe page and bring awareness to childhood cancer.

This is the design comp for this year's campaign.