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Bee One

Product Design, UI/UX, Animation

One Hub to Connect Hives

*** 2018 AU Design Show Winner of: "Best in Show" **

BeeOne is an app that helps bring novice and master beekeepers together to track their hive evolution. This is a mobile experience that aims to increase sustainable behavior. Along with allowing members of a hive to track the status of their physical hive they can also participate in the virtual community, answer questions in a forum, and learn more about beekeeping from other expert beekeepers. I was a lead UI/UX Designer as well as an animator on the project's video. You can learn more about our full process here.

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Flow Charts and Personas

The first step in the process was developing personas and flow charts for different skill levels. From people who are trying to join the community to well-established experts, we wanted the product to reflect and help all levels of a user's experience.

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Wireframes and User Testing

We used student volunteers to help test the app by using paper printouts and asking them to complete tasks. This step was crucial in find items that needed more iteration.

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App Prototype Walkthrough

Learn more about our process here.

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