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Beauport Hospitality Group Websites

Beauport Hospitality Group
Web Design

Designing a seven website system

Beauport Hospitality Group came to Image Conscious Studios asking help to redesign the group's own homepage as well as the websites of six of their seven properties. The properties included three restaurants, a wedding venue, Cruiseline, and a marine terminal.

They wanted all websites to share a similar system, as their previous websites failed to form a cohesive brand identity. The challenge was to utilize similar typefaces, styles, and content blocks throughout all of the sites without having them completely blend together and lose their individual aesthetic.

Research and Wireframes

This project started with a research and wireframe phase. The first step was to talk to the client and establish what type of content blocks were required on each of the seven websites. This would help with continuity between sites. I also gathered some inspiration and resources to show the client in order to gather their preferences.

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Establishing a system

After discovering the client's preferences and finalizing the wireframes, I had to establish the colors and fonts for the website system. I chose Avenir as the consistent body font for all sites and changed the heading's typeface when appropriate.

The "Relaxed Coastal Luxury" palette was established first to represent the Beauport Hospitality Group and non-restaurant properties. This included the signature Beauport Red the client used on their flags. Each property also received its own accent color and Futura PT for a consistent Heading.

Next, I tackled the two higher-end restaurants, 1606 and Rail Stop, and created the "Refined Coastal Luxury" palette. This palette is similar to the central color palette but is more reserved with the addition of darker green and black.

Lastly, I created the "Casual Coastal Charm" palette for the Seaport Grille. This involved brightening up the central colors for this more casual dining experience.

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Flushing out the design

After type and color were established, it was time to create the UI for all pages. It was fun to add the small elements to make each page unique.

Before After
Before After
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