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Varna Tech

Varna Tech
Product Design, UI/UX, Branding

Turning a Mason Jar into a smart storage solution.

When Sprout Studios isn't working on client work, they use their design thinking skills for their passion projects as a part of their in-house incubator Sprout Labs. Varna Tech and its products Halo and Halo+ were a Sprout Labs project that attempted to solve the problem of child-resistant storage for cannabis.

The Halo and Halo+ retrofit onto existing Mason Jars, turning them into secure storage. While the Halo is an analog product, the Halo+ is an IoT connected solution that integrates with an app to lock and unlock the mason jar from your phone.

I led the UI/UX aspect of the project and designed the Halo+ App. Ultimately we were able to design and develop a version of the app as well as performed hundreds of demos on the floor of Eureka Park at CES 2020.

Image by Sprout Studios

Research and Initial Concepts

After doing user research and user stories we moved on to some wireframes. Below are very early lo-fi wireframes that were crucial to understand our user's flow and what issues they may find while using the app. This first stage helped us wrap our heads around what features were most important to our users and what pieces of information were critical to view at a glance.

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Designing and Testing

After figuring out our user flows and finalizing the wireframes, the next step involved creating the UI for every screen. After designing everything in Sketch, I then coordinated with our developers to assist them with any prototype testing and audits. We then performed user testing with our prototype to gather even more research.

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CES 2020

We had the amazing opportunity to have a booth in Eureka Park at CES 2020 to showcase the product. Over the long week, I gave hundreds of live demos to the international audience that walked around the Sands Expo Convention Center in Las Vegas.

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Branding and Website

Along with the app design, I also created the Varna Tech brand identity. The logomark’s shape resembles a shield signifying security and protection. The affirming check mark that is inside of the outline hints at verification and peace of mind.

I also designed the Varna Tech one-page website in Sketch and brought it to Webflow to develop it.

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