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WDG Projects

Web Design, UX

Conceptualize, wireframe, and execute responsive designs for various clients

I was fortunate to be the design intern at The Web Development Group in Arlington, VA from February 2017 to April 2018. Throughout my time at WDG, I was able to design interfaces for various clients. Below are some of the many projects I had the opportunity to work on using primarily Sketch as my tool of choice.

FINCA Unbanked Challenge

FINCA created an initiative to help educate people on what it means to be financially excluded. They asked WDG to create a one-page site that would encourage people to try the "#Unbanked" challenge and live without banks for a day. They wanted to promote the social sharing aspect of the challenge as well as gather email data on their users.

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ASCO Annual Meeting Homepage

The American Society of Clinical Oncology needed a new site for their annual meetings. This was a concept for what their homepage could look like.

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Number and Map Data Visualization

The National Center for Medical-Legal Partnerships wanted to redesign its website. One of the pages I was tasked with was its Partnership Page.

The NCMLP wanted a way to better visualize the categories of its partnerships as well as where they are located. It's previous version included a hard-to-use list of every single location in the United States and require a lot of scrolling.

My solution was to show the same categorical and geospatial data in two different ways: a tile system when clicked revealed the location data as well as a map below revealed the categorical information.

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